Writing with Sparklers

Writing with sparklers was definitely a bigger challenge for me than writing with flashlights. I found it harder to be creative with what to draw because of the sparks. The first idea that came to mind was Cinderella and her fairy Godmother going “bibbidi bobbidi boo!” For this I used my grandmother and young cousin. My dad then suggested how about somebody welding? So I decided to use my brother who in fact is already a welder. We just had him pull the welder out and stick a sparkler in the rod and pretended to weld while wearing the safety mask. This turned out well in my opinion. With writing I found the biggest complication. The wind was pretty strong as I was doing this and when I was writing names and such I was trying not to get burned but in the process of that my body ended up blocking the light. Also with sparklers your time is limited before it dies so you have to work quickly.  I have learned that sparklers are more fun to play with than flashlights but flashlights make for better pictures in my opinion. To do this project I used the settings f5.6 iso100 and my ss was set on bulb