Landscapes have always been one of my favorite things to photograph. In the town I live in I really didn’t think I would find much to take pictures of. So I looked and looked and ended up at the lake and a bunch of country back roads. I went hiking through a bunch of mud at the lake to get to the water falls. I had to work around people and lots of trees. When I drove on the backroads I ended up getting a bunch of fences in my shots because I actually took the pictures from a car window while my Dad was driving. And because of this I tried to shoot high and get a lot of sky in the picture. My Dad asks me “Why are you getting so much sky in the pictures”? Well recently we have been having a bunch of storms and rain come through so the sky had some nice clouds that I knew if I burned in Photoshop they would turn out really nice, and they did! (Have I mentioned that I’m Photoshop certified!?) If I were to do these same pictures again I would get out of the car to completely avoid the fences and get a better shot of the land. I personally think these pictures came out well and I am pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy them! Get outside and appreciate the beauty of God’s creations!





























Wild Flowers

wild flowers-LS-19

wild flowers-LS-28

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wild flowers-LS-13

Finding wildflower fields in Texas has been a struggle for me this year. Due to the drought, most of what we used to have isn’t coming back. The flowers that I do see are small patches of bluebonnets off the side of the road in areas that are not exactly safe to stop. Maybe I started my search too soon, they may or may not come out soon. So I drove around and didn’t find patches anywhere! So my Mom called up her brother to see if he had any flowers on his land in Florence, TX. He said yes and allowed me to go out and shoot for a bit. My aunt walked my mom and I around the land and they had plenty to take pictures of. This included bluebonnets, cactus, and many other flowers I don’t know the names of. For some of the pictures I used macro tubes. This was my first time playing with the tubes so I’m not really sure if I like them or not. It was weird getting so close up to something and then focusing on it when you got close enough. I don’t know why but at times I wasn’t sure If I had the flower in focus or not. Because of this I would take multiple shots of the same flower, adjusting the focus ever so slightly each time. It was also cloudy outside so I was constantly changing my WB. I would have it set for cloudy when it wasn’t very bright outside, then when the sun decided to shine its face I would change it to sunny. Of course along with this I would adjust my ISO as well. And when I would get in a shady spot I would use the cameras flash. So this trip kept me busy changing settings. I had to be patient the whole time. For example when I would finally get my settings right the wind would blow and the flowers would move, making it hard for my to manually focus on them, and when the wind stopped blowing a cloud would cover the sun or the sun would come out causing me to change my WB once again. But at the end of the day I’m just glad I found some flowers! Big thanks to my aunt and uncle for walking me through their land. I greatly appreciate it.