Bob and Pat

A while back my grandpa and his wife came down to visit and had asked me to take a portrait of the two of them.  I agreed and started thinking about how I would set this up.  Since I have graduated from my career school I don’t have a studio type environment anymore so I settled for my kitchen. The Camera I used was a Nikon D3000 with a 18-55mm lens and a shoe mount flash.  The way I set this up was I took a queen sized black bed sheet and pinned it to a wall in my dining room. I didn’t realize that they had planned to wear black outfits so that was a little bump  in the road. I didn’t dare ask them to change though because I thought I could probably work with this and older people really don’t like spending much time in photo shoots.   So with what I had I took a few different shots and started to edit.  I found a different background and simply superimposed the couple into it as clean as I could. Here are the before and after shots of this shoot. If I didn’t explain this process could you tell it was changed?




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