Dust Photography



















This is my set up. I used the auto tech garage at my school for careers.  (Thank you to the teachers for making it free of cars) It worked out perfectly because it was really dark. I set up in the middle of the garage with a backdrop holder. I just clipped a black queen size sheet up to use as a background.  From there we added two lights one on each side to light up the body and the flour.  i just used a roll of black paper as the flooring for this and held it down with some heavy equipment from the shop. On the sides of the floor was a reflector (left in picture) And then I placed something to hold up another black sheet on the right side to block the glare from the light as you can see in the first picture. After I got everything set up I had my photography teacher throw up some flour so I could see if the light was bright enough to capture it. He then drowned my models (health students) in flour. This was a big mess.  It was also dangerous. When my models jumped and came back down they would occasionally slip on the flour so we had to be very careful. After the project was completed it was clean up time. We took all the equipment down and cleared the floor so it could be swept and sprayed down. Again very dangerous because when we swept up the flour it was still slippery and we had to be careful walking around. Especially when we started to spray down the ground and the flour mixing with the water made dough. This was worse then just walking on the flour. But in the end we got the garage cleaned and I hope my models came clean too. Big thanks to all my models, teachers and assistants (Ashley, Mitchel, Smallwood, My health students, Jason, and the shop teachers for allowing me to use their space as a studio). The results are amazing.

set up

set up

set up

set up


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