A day in the life of a school principle




environmental self





watching over


Welcome to Harker Heights Elementary School! Home of the Bobcats where they are learning to be the leaders of tomorrow. I knew the Principle of this school personally because I had attended this school for six years. It was very strange coming back to this school after several years but it reminded me of my childhood. I did not take a camera bag into the school, only my camera with a small zoom lens. I didn’t have to direct her to do anything, I just followed her around. She would check up on every classroom to see how they were doing and would even sit and talk with some kids about their assignment. But the life of a principle isn’t as easy as I make it sound, there are some behind scenes issues that was not to be photographed, such as trouble with a parent. I did not have any trouble with lighting except for recess when the light is obviously a lot brighter than lights inside of a building. I wasn’t continuously shooting I just waited for the right moments. I totally forgot by the end of the day that I needed to get a self portrait of her in her normal work environment, so I walked into the office and she was busy on the phone so I waved goodbye and she looked up and smiled and I took the shot.  This was a fairly successful shoot in my opinion and it was fun being reunited with the school that I hadn’t walked inside of in years!


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