Country Life

This photo merge included eight images. I have never done panoramics before so this was a learning experience for me.  For my first time doing this I think I did fairly well, that is until I zoomed in. You may not be able to tell now but there at least two places where my picture does not line up.  If I had kept my position more level all the way around this picture would have turned out perfect. The flaws were caused by an up and down motion of my hands. Can you see the flaws? Again, this was a learning experience.

The Farmer is gone but his tractor lives on

Only four pictures were used to create this photo merge. It took me a minute to look around for what I wanted to include in the image. To the left is a school and to the right is a field goal. I realized that I wanted this picture to took like it was from the country so I excluded the school. Then I though about the field goal and I thought back to an episode of Duck Dynasty where the Robersons had made a football field on their land so I kept it in the picture. In my opinion this is the best panoramic I created.


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