Cousins by blood – Friends by choice






Get your game face on

High School football is a big thing in Texas. It something that gets you through school to make it fun. The Killeen Kangroos class of ’13 players have finally come to an end of that though. Its a bittersweet feeling for seniors as they take the Leo Buckley field for the last time.

Killeen faced the Temple Tigers. Both teams played a good game.

Killeen did a good job fighting back at the Tigers for the ball.

But when the Tigers got the ball back the held on to it for dear life as the Kangaroos landed on top of them.

Even while performing the dance members always have enough time between moves to look dead at you to flash a big smile. This shot turned out great!

The dancers really work hard to make their moves look effortless on the field. They really are talented.

Again the dancers flash their smiles. I wonder if its mandatory or they’re just really happy. Either way i’d never complain, smiles always make for good shots

“Play that funky music white boy” the Band and the crowd all had fun with the Temple halftime show. It was full of music from way back when that had everybody saying “hey! I know that song!”

The director of the band motioned for the band to play louder and louder. The entire stadium was flooded with sound and a great sound at that.

This soloist knew what she was doing and had the audience cheering for her as she got back into place.

As it came time to take the field again the game got more intense. The time was running down and both teams were giving it their all. The Killeen Coach yelled calls and plays to their boys and reminded them that they can’t give up.

The teams were very focused and played their hearts out on the field.

As one player may have been loosing hope in the game his teammate gave him a pep talk telling him he couldn’t give up now. You could really tell that this team was more than just a team, they were a family. Regardless of a win or a lose these boys have each others backs.

In the end Killeen lost the game but continued on to the playoffs. It was a good season for both teams.


“Sometimes a player’s greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team.”
— Scottie Pippen