Harker Heights vs Belton Football Game 2012

HAPPY HOMECOMING! Have school spirit? Harker Heights does! Homecoming for Texas high schools is a big thing.  A homecoming without mums wouldn’t be a homecoming at all.  The bigger the better! Mums can be used to display what activities and teams you are on/in and also what grade you are in.  Although these things are pretty they are very noisy! But that’s just what the team needs for this special game. More cowbell!

Number 32 from Harker Heights High School tries to quiet the crowd of students at a pep rally so the team can pump everybody up for the game.  If you don’t go to any of the football games all year the homecoming game is the one to go to.  It’s the time where the whole school likes each other for at least one day because we all want the same thing, a win. Cheerleaders, Dance teams, Avalon, and the band all show up to one location to perform and help pump up the school for the game.

Before the game starts you are bound to see kids on the field. Whether they are the coaches children or maybe the dancer’s siblings. Astro-Turf can be quite an amazing thing for the kids who have never seen it before. Dirt is rubber!? I got a kick out of watching these kids inspect the turf which looks to be mind-blowing for them.

Stretching is very important part of a game. Without it the players would not be able to perform the way that they are supposed to.  Also in my opinion I believe that these stretches that they do as a team on the field can be used as intimidation for the other team. When they yell in unison or slap their helmets loudly or just complex things that make them seem really good can scare their opponent before the game begins.

Halftime at a homecoming game is where the entire student body finally finds out who won King and Queen of the school. The Homecoming Court receive the royal treatment as they walk under sabers held up by the school’s colorguard. Escorted by their parents they line up on the field and cross their fingers hoping for the announcer to call their name.

So much emotion is revealed when King and Queen is announced. You either have the king and queen who are over filled with Joy or the rest of the court who may look disappointed that they didn’t win. The King of the school freaked out when he heard that he was king. I guess he didn’t expect it himself but he was extremely happy to wear the crown. The Queen was also very happy to hear that she had won.

The show must go on! Belton’s Band took the field to perform their UIL show that  they will take to contest on October 20th.

As the game went into the second half it got more intense. Both teams fought harder for the win.  Coaches of the Harker Heights Knights pushed their players to make the right moves and complete the right plays to ensure a win for the school.

Every player on the field was focused on the game, not a single eye was off the field from the side lines. You could really see the determination in their faces.

In the end the Harker Heights Knights were victorious with a score of 7-0.  After the Alma mater was played the players celebrated on the field and ran to the bleachers to visit their fans. Soon after it began to pour down rain and people were told to leave the stadium. It was an experience that seemed like it belonged in a movie. GO KNIGHTS!


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